More than just a Prescription

When it comes to your health, Miracle Prescriptions Remedy’sRx is more than willing to help. With our expert staff of pharmacists, on-site educators, nurses and assistants, we offer you quality service while customizing each care we give. Established in 2014, Miracle Prescriptions Remedy’sRx has been serving North Shore with full pharmacy services including vaccinations, medication reviews, travel clinic services, custom blister packs, and even free prescription delivery to the Lower Mainland. We make it a point to be our customers’ one-stop-shop to help them chase every illness and injury away.

Our mission is to help customers achieve the best possible outcome with the guidance of medical principles. As you come to us, we will take the time to determine what you need and cater to those as much as we can. Our advocacy is to provide you with the services we think are best for you while respecting your rights in making decisions. We offer the best options that are suitable for your circumstances and prescription. If you have any concerns about the pharmacy services, we are more than willing to assist you with care while ensuring safe, thorough, and efficient services.

Our staff works through a collaborative approach where communication is key.

Only when we talk will you be able to get what you need and want. In this way, we understand one another and in turn, we can give a better service for our customers. Communication is also the key for customer compliance that is why we give importance to constant interactions and education about the “what, when, how, and why” regarding your medications to empower you until you can already manage your health independently.

We have been providing superior quality service in North Shore

Our expertly trained staff prides themselves on accuracy and we honor most insurance plans.

We, at Miracle Prescriptions Remedy’sRx, believe that a prescription does not end once it is filled. We believe it continues with making you feel confident and valued not only as a customer but also as a person. We do not only aim to help you achieve optimum health but also to make you smile and to make your pharmacy experience as convenient as possible. We believe we can make a difference in our customers’ lives regardless of how small or big that which we can offer. With all of these, we aim to live up to the name of Miracle Prescriptions Remedy’sRx… and be more than just a prescription